Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lower Moreland, Class of 2011

If editing the ElmLeo (Lower Moreland High School's award-winning yearbook) taught me anything, it was how to craft witty (if not corny) article titles. Just as that position has been passed on, I've resigned to let this post have a fairly normal, straightforward title. This post is about the next graduating class of my alma mater. First and foremost: congratulations to the class of 2011!

But let's get back to the part about yearbook. Every year, the yearbook editor helps the yearbook faculty advisor select the next yearbook editor. And for the past I'm-not-quite-sure-how-long, they've had a pretty good track record of predicting the class valedictorian (and selecting him/her for the position). Ali Leskowitz edited in 2007, Emily Trost in 2009...and I can't seem to recall what happened in 2008. I suppose I could head over to the LMHS library, pop open some old yearbooks, and compile a list. We're not there yet. Here's the point, though: I was responsible to those editors emeritus. It was my duty to keep up the tradition.

When it came time to assign editors, however, Mr. Leong and I determined, after much discussion, that it would be best to select two. The actual editing, the English-class kind of stuff, included writing articles, checking over all other submitted articles, compiling lists, and the like. It was a huge commitment. But there was also the layout editing: digital photography manipulation, page organization, color schemes and fonts. That was also a huge commitment. So we took the position of Editor, performed a quick mitotic operation, and put both Matt Duda and Sarah Leventhal in charge.

That was cheating, of course, selecting two editors. That's twice the chance of predicting the top of the class. Redemption: Matt is valedictorian, Sarah is salutatorian. How's that for predictive power? Also; shout-outs to  Jen Haberman and Matt Duda for their Citizen Scholar recognitions. Awesome.

Jennifer Haberman and Matthew Duda, winner and runner up of the Citizen Scholar award

So anyway: Congrats, 2011. You're heading off to college or work; either way, you're outta here. I notice Cornell, UVA, NYU, and Emory on your list of post-secondary destinations; very impressive. Of course, as far as I know, none of you are heading to Tufts [sad face]. That's alright, I'll tell you what: Join your school's Mock Trial team, and I'll get you invited to our invitational. I'll see you there. (Game on.)

Twenty-eleven, welcome to the rest of your life. In the spirit of my rehashing advice from science fiction authors (when addressing graduates), here's a Douglas Adams quote flyin' your way:

"Don't Panic"

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