Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TMT Weekend

Monday's Daily featured a front-page article entitled, "Tufts Mock Trial advances to Championship Series." As a member of that team, I'm attending a few too many practices to write long blog posts at the end of the day. So go read the Daily's article. If the photo looks familiar, it's because Jon stole it from me. I think. I guess it's possible it's coincidentally and eerily similar.

Speaking of eerie, "spooky metaphysics" was the de facto topic of today's Rational Choice lecture, which guest-student visitor Sam attended. That was fun. Sam visiting for the weekend, that is. The weather was nice, too, at least Saturday, for walking around Boston and whatnot. And apparently Tufts' eggs are better than Penn State's eggs. Score.

Quotes of late include:
"There will be a massacre here in a few hours if you'd like to join us" - Colonially-dressed Bostonian
"I'm really jazzed about this competition" - Clark University President

In other news, spring break is only 250 hours away. Not that anyone's counting.

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