Saturday, August 27, 2011

RA Training

For the past week now I've been on campus, training as a Resident Assistant for the coming year. My all-freshmen coed dorm will soon be filled with students and parents alike, bustling to and fro in an attempt to move boxes, determine the "better" mattress, and introduce themselves to new roommates.

My new Tilton single: the RA room

In the meantime, I've been learning how to deal with sexual harassment, fire safety hazards, and roommate conflicts. As RAs, we're being trained to keep residents safe, provide community-building programming for the floor, connect residents to resources, mediate conflict, and a whole lot more. When we're not in lectures, role-playing simulations, or the dining hall, we're working hard at door decorations, bulletin boards, and Room Condition Reports.

Curious as to what I selected for our floor's theme? Here are a few good hints:

I can't wait to see everyone on campus! Except for Irene. She doesn't need to come.

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  1. Cute - love the Monsters Inc.& Bugs life - good job my artistic one!
    ♥ Mom


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