Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Greatest Time of My Life

After far too many hours in the car, most of which were spent sleeping, I arrived in Medford, Massachusetts. The hotel at which we are staying is filled with kids my age followed around by pairs of parents. There is a "Tufts University" banner in the main lobby; they must be anticipating our arrival.

I drove around campus a bit with my parents to show them around, and we passed dozens of freshmen gathered for what could only be closing ceremonies of pre-orientation programs. Hopefully I'll make friends with them as quickly as they have with one another over the past week.

Today, I sleep in a hotel with my mom and dad. Tomorrow, I sleep in a dorm, free at last, a college student: excited, scared, and anticipating the greatest time of my life.

This is the insight into my experience, a glimpse of life at Tufts University. Our motto is "Pax et Lux," or "Peace and Light".

Welcome to Peacelight.

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